This fund is to help support some of the upcoming and future costs for the family of Kyle Crull.  Kyle was driving a tow truck in Temecula, CA on Saturday October 21st, when he was struck and killed by a suspected drunk driver assisting a stranded motorists for AAA.  Whether you can donate $1 or $1000, this is going to help his daughter.  Kyle loved his daughter and talked about her constantly.  She was everything to him and we need to  make sure she is taken care of.  If you would like to donate in person instead, you can contact Temecula Valley People Helping People, Denny @ (951)757-5212 or go to their website @ www.tvphp.org.  Kyle was a brother and family member of the tow industry.  We need to help all we can.  Please share this with everyone to spread the word and we thank you for your help and support.

Domestic Violence is on the rise!

      Single mommy of 2 babies


It's not every day you go to bed as family of four only to wake up and now be a family of three. Only in my worst nightmare would my husband leave me and our children! My husband decided to selfishly drive away in the only car we had, with the only car seats, then proceeded to steal money from my credit card account, which had only my name on it. We have had Domestic Violence issues in our pass; but thought that was behind us. He leaving me and our children with nothing! He now lives in another state 2,500 hundred miles from us, leaving me with all the responsibilities and debt with no money. He left a lease on the apartment (jointly) we are currently in! He left me no transportation for the children school, his job, but most importantly me and the children. I'm trying every day to be a good mom and pick up the responsibilities he has left me with. I have no car, no job, no money and sadly a very broken heart. I am doing my best by walking to the store to get groceries with my 41/2-year-old son and 22-month old daughter in the summer heat. I have had to find rides to apply for jobs or mandatory doctor’s appointments for our kids. I am only asking for some help to get me on my feet so I can provide for my children. I will give back one day because I'm determined to prove to my children they have the love from me and I will always fight for them. I thank you all for listening and hope you can understand my situation.


Could use help with money to pay my bills, gift cards for clothing (baby items), food, gas, car and so must more. She has a job now as a waitress, but is just starting out and he left her with nothing!


Please help this family of Domestic Abuse and abandonment! 

You can use the PayPal button to make an donation or send it to 

TVPHP at 24396 Kentucky Derby Way, Murrieta, CA 92562. Any questions call Denny at 951-757-5212

Temecula Valley People Helping People has been serving the families of Riverside County for over 23 years. Through collaboration with other service organizations, city and government officials, and other caring individuals, TVPHP continues to unite resources, experience and effort, to work towards a mutual goal in assisting those in need in the community.


Denny and MaryAnn Mighell

(951) 757-5212

24396 Kentucky Derby Way

Murrieta, CA 92562


 A note from Denny Mighell, President and Director


“Care to Share” holiday program 2016 in a big way.


WELCOME Since 1992, through your donations, both monetary and in-kind, we have given away thousands of holiday gifts to children, seniors and veterans.  Some of our GREAT statistics include 23,000 gifts given in 2013, 25,000 gifts given in 2012 and 30,000 gifts in 2011. In 2015 16,000 gifts given out.

Thanks to all of You!


This year we hope to do more than last year and appreciate any kind of donation you can make to the program.  There are several ways to donate, either through the website, donation page which will be sent via email, drop-off in-kind donations, employee giving, civic organization gifts and grants.  We appreciate all!


This year we also saw a need to start the “Permanent Housing Solutions” program, which puts the homeless into Homes.  Each month we give a hand up and help find a home for one more family.  Please visit the “Permanent Housing Solutions” tab located on the left for more information.


A BIG thank you and here’s to a successful 2016!