“Battalion Holiday Ball - San Diego Marriot 2010”

California Army National Guard - Annual Holiday Event “Battalion Holiday Ball - San Diego Marriot 2010” 50.00 a soldier 500.00 for a table * Tax deductible * Company name in Army Newsletter * Company
advertisement displayed on table and in the program flyer * Inquiries may be directed to: SFC Chad Sliwa 7401 Mesa College Drive San Diego, CA 92111 Phone-work: 858-573-7061 Email:


Jorge is a doting and loving father of 4 teenage girls, Jackie, Gisselle, Jessica and Melanie.   He has been a loving husband to his wife, Jacqueline of 19 years!

He has been suffering recently with extreme pain in his back and left leg and it quickly worsened when they finally did an MRI and found that he had a tumor in his brain, spine and on his left lung.  Stage IV cancer!!   Jorge has lived a wonderful life, never partaking in cigarettes, alcohol or such!  Water was his mainstay.  So, imagine the devastation of this young family.
Jorge is undergoing dual surgery tomorrow Thursday 9/16/10 at 10:00am at Riverside General in Moreno Valley, California, to remove the tumor on his brain and upper spine.

He has an fantastic and positive outlook even though the cancer is at stage IV…we believe in a miracle for him.

Jorge is only 46 years old.




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