About Us

Temecula Valley People Helping People (TVPHP) is a 501-C3, 509-A1, 170-B-1-A and V l non-profit organization.


Founded in 1992, the organization stemmed from a void left when a local Christmas program coordinator for an abused children's center relocated. Denny and Maryann Mighell were contacted to help continue the program which had no written plans or procedures. From this request, Denny and Maryann Mighell along with Chuck Campbell and other business people in the community organized Temecula Valley People Helping People.


From that time on, TVPHP has assisted many organizations, children, families and other non-profit groups to raise money, gifts, toys, food and other items for those in need. TVPHP provides services with dignity while reaffirming the self-worth of each individual and assisting that person in reaching his or her greatest potential.



Our mission, as a nonprofit charity and information service, is to actively serve the people of Riverside County by building permanent charitable capital, and providing services that contribute to the health and vitality of the community. Through collaboration with other service organizations, city and government officials, and other caring individuals, TVPHP will continue to unite resources, experience, and effort to work towards a mutual goal in assisting those in need in our community.



TVPHP will be Riverside County's premier knowledge resource; and a recognized leader in assisting individuals, families, and children in need.