Putting homeless into Homes……


Project Angel, a new 2014 program aka Permanent Housing Solutions is here to offer a hand up to families who have become homeless, at imminent risk of homelessness, victims of domestic violence, residents of emergency shelters, residents of transitional housing programs, and persons living in places not meant for human habitation. 


In collaboration with County of Riverside Economic Development Agency (EDA) and their program Emergency Solutions Grant we help YOU fill out the paperwork and more…………..




  • Print out packet of forms to be filled out; assist YOU in filling out documentation per EDA requirements,

  • helps YOU set-up bank account so that direct deposits can be made from EDA and then direct payment made to landlord once a month for those clients that have no credit history or bad credit history

  • drives YOU to direct assistance offices to be set-up for other social service programs;

  • assist YOU with court visits, court time, child protective services

  • enroll YOU in case management counseling with Sigil Social Foundation

  • help YOU establish a household budget

  • Temecula Valley People Helping People networks with sponsors, organizations and government entities in the County of Riverside, California to assist with providing legal, basic and safety needs for clients and families.